Tuesday, June 27

happy little nightmares

The London Independent reports that 100 selected paedophiles will be placed on prozac to help them with their naughty ways. Apparently anti-depressents have a nasty little side-effect of numbing your libido. This, they reckon, will be able to curb the obsessive and anti-social ways of these nasties and help keep their willies in their pants.

AND help them to think clearer and put them in a good mood. It has proven to work - i.e. stopped the urge to molest - for a whole 10% of convicted paedophiles that have been selected.

What about the rest? Are they now simply less conflicted about their sexual deviation?

For those that do not respond to this mild treatment, there is another process that can be used. It's called chemical castration. (The Independent article does mention it, but The Sun is far more entertaining in its description.) Here, the offenders are 'chemically castrated' by being 'given regular injections of leuproreline, a prostate cancer drug, or depo-provera, which act as a temporary castration by slashing testosterone levels'.

Both processes are said to be a 'Successful management of offenders' and is 'the most cost-effective way to protect children.'

What I enjoy about this concept is the perpetuation of the notion that those horrible people (and all the rest of those types) have nothing whatsoever to do with us. That somehow they're a nasty pustule on the backside of life that we had no responsability in putting there. Not to mention the whole 'name and shame' campaign - a shockingly backward approach to crime and punishment reminiscent of Jackson's The Lottery.

I'm hardly a punter for 'human rights' when it comes to people that have denied others that western pleasure we take as an infallible universal law. But let's not pretend to help the pustule by putting salve on it and hoping it'll go away. We've got to lance the mf and realise that for every fully functioning body there is a backside. And if we don't take care of said backside, pustules are likely to crop up more often than not.

The only 'cost effective' way of preventing child-abuse is to start by paying attention to our children now. It's a far greater task that will take a whole lot more effort for everybody than a simple injection after the fact.


renklem said...

I wish we could brake that bloody awful cycle of abused children becoming child-abusers themselves. It's a tough one, but often you follow the only example you know, nevermind all the pain you've been through. And yes, it's a mammoth task that doesn't seem to get any smaller.

Do Kwang said...

Do you think my low libido might be the result of someone forcefeeding me Prozac at night while I am asleep?

Dai said...

From what I have been told about pain, and paedophilia can be seen as a social pain, is that to heal it you need to embrace it and hold it. Does this translate to a social and a universal truth?

Pienk Zuit said...

Nee Prof, jou lae libido is a.g.v. te veel spin klasse by Virgin Active. Die drukking op 'n mens se tjommie van daardie ongemaklike seats doen sulke snaakse goed aan jou.

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