Thursday, June 22

an inconvenient truth

Although I applaud Gore's effort and intention, it's a pity that it takes a spliced diced voiceovered piece of hollywood bling laced with visually dramatic effects and perfectly timed score to bring the message home.

I'll be sure to rush to the movie when it comes out. I'll have a shower using soaps and ungents that come in plastic wrappers made from carcinogenic ingredients, brush my teeth with toothpaste made with highly toxic chemicals, get dressed into clothes that have been made by four year old slaves a few thousand kilometers away with textiles made in China because it's cheaper to import than pay locals a fair price, eat my veggie dinner (with tofu from crops that rape the amazonian landscape) get into my fossil fuel driven car that adds to the carbon monoxide buildup, race to the movie house where I'll buy a ticket made of paper from an unreplenished tree source, using money that I earned from working infront of a computer that has a 'low radiation' output - along with the other 30 computers in my office - all day engrossed in world that doesn't really exist, grab a quick MacDonald's fries and then settle into a plush movie chair, remembering to switch off my cellphone.

And none of this will change anything at all.


Sparky said...

I wondered why you didn't pick up any of my heavy breathing phonecalls.

dorothy said...

that makes no sense.
you're wierd.

Stefan said...

You are right - just seeing this and going "oh my god" isn't going to change anything. The problem is that we are more appalled at the inconvenience of sacrificing even a small iota of our comfy little middle-class lives, than we are at the effect that living these lives have on the planet. We're addicted to all of these creature comforts and trappings. And we're all part of it. As I write this, I'm about to make my own contribution by boarding a flight to Geneva for a weekend away. But I've got to go, you see.

Stefan said...

Sparky: Don't worry, I'm sure you'll lose your virginity some day. You're going to have to work on that technique though.