Tuesday, June 13

outside my window

The rain's cleared up for a bit and given me chance to poke my nose out the window for five seconds. And in this crisp misty morning sea air, laced with just a hint of carbon monoxide, what do I see in the distance but a billboard for a lovely new series called Commander-in-Chief. It sports a witty little by-line: Finally, a president that can multi-task.

Because you know that's what we woman are really good at. Muti-tasking.

Forget about stategic thinking, the finer matters of diplomacy and managing the economic balance of world power. One needs to be able to file and drink coffee whilst discussing an annoying case of nucleur disarmament in Iran. Talk about lowering the bar. But hey, I guess after ol' Dubya what's there for a pres to do but flutter about looking busy. At least between holidays that is.

Anyway. It got me thinking about another series that shattered the presidential WASP stereotype: 24.

President Palmer was everything a Pres should be (everything the current US president isn't) - smart, ethical, honest, strong. Oh and black. But that's a little by-the-by. Anyway, not all good things last and towards the failing breaths of the third Most Terrible Day in Jack Bauers life, President David Palmer's Strong Character had a brush with Political Chess and he lied. BUT then quit. What a guy.

And now there's Pres McKenzie. A strong woman. Brunette. She's woman enough to wear makeup and man enough to run a country.

Hollywood sure is pushing the envelope. But I guess the regular stupid white man formula is boring and certainly hasn't scored America any points.

I won't be watching the series. Not only because I do not own a television but because I'm saving myself for a really REALLY extreme pres makeover series. I'm thinking: Hispanic and Gay or Chinese and paraplegic. Or a cigar smoking body builder from Austria. Whichever happens, I can only hope and pray that this little stint does for Geena what did for Keiffer.


Sparky said...

in related news, Bush finally realizes he has opposable thumbs.

stay tuned for the inevitable moment when he learns to use tools!

Do Kwang said...

If women can multi-task better than men, then the obvious conclusion is that men can drive better than women or do better sums. These stupid gender stereotypes, whatever direction they are coming from, do nothing but strengthen the patriarchal regime we suffer under, o ek raak so ontsteld ek praat sommer Afrikaans, Geena Davis behoort haar te skaam dat sy so 'n godsend vir die seksisme is met haar stupid outdated Mars vs. Venus 1970's style reeds gebackfirede brand van feminisme. Hel. Ek het beter verwag.

dorothy said...

i know - i was very disappointed. but let's face it, it's not like hollywood's been knocking down her door

Peter Matthes said...

Prof ... If you continue to use Ralph Reed as a picture icon I may have to kick your ass.

dorothy said...

kick his ass anyway - with that sense of humour he could do with a bit of roughin' up :)