Thursday, June 1

yup yup

I have a friend that is a great conveyer of, and believer in, the Emailic Power of the Power Point Message of Peace and Happiness.

Today she sent one that was a little more than the usual frill.

I've cut it down for your viewing pleasure.

I'm not sure much can be done about world hunger and the inevitable downward spiral. Every-drop-in-the-ocean-making-up-the-sea and all that aside, I think - mostly - that it's enough to contextualise our lives and give thanks to the great Out There for the very fortunate position we find ourselves in.


maeree said...

According to some ( extreme poverty can be endend if, among other things, the G8 stick to the Millenium Development Goals. Which just makes all the suffering infuriating, cause it's not necessary!

Stefan said...

Awareness is always a start, so well done for publishing this. One of my favourite ways to make a small difference is Oxfam Unwrapped:

dorothy said...

maeree - as much as we'd all like to think the g8 will actually get over it's own rhetoric, and no matter how much we like geldoff and bono's songs and handshakes and how they call attention to the problem and engage the common man in the problem of global poverty, i don't honestly believe it's an issue that's actually going to be remedied.

on the theory table poverty alleviation sounds workable but the internal politics of the countries suffering and the 'foreign policy' of the big players involved in 'helping' these countries only serves to aggravate the existing disruption and corruption in the particular nations involved.

i'm a bit of a pessimist about this really. the changes that are being made - and instigated by protesting anti-globs - is making only the smallest of inroads. although i'm not saying this isn't worth it, i'm saying it's unlikely to lead us to some idyllic jehovah's witness colour book.

Do Kwang said...

Al die honger mense is ook nie in Ethiopie nie. Daar loop elke dag 'n hele paar by jou huis verby.