Monday, July 3


I don't always. But I like this postcard because it reminds me of the warm sun filtering down on my face and the enormity of the tree reminding me of time and God.

I have a Big Question that used to plague me. How do you pray for belief?


spasticfantastic said...
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maeree said...

used to plague you? did you find an answer?

dorothy said...

spasticfantastic whyever did you delete your comment?
anyway. it still does occasionally. but now i simply don't mind. and i've come to believe that it's part of the human makeup to believe in something - whether it's the belief in a god force or not.
and also - i read this somewhere and quite liked it - there is as much evidence for the existence of a God force as there is for it's nonexistence

maeree said...

Ek dink mens glo omdat jy nie weet nie. As jy geweet het, was dit nie nodig om te glo nie.

spasticfantastic said...

soz for deleting, i realised i abhor humans telling one another what to think about religion - i reckon god wants us to make up our own minds otherwise we wouldn't have choice.