Thursday, July 13

the magical mystery tour - (an aside)

Now, although time is of the essence (looming deadlines), I have not forgotten Small Thoughts and Big Thoughts and the like, and these shall all be elaborated upon in due time.


Before I go any further I need to get this little issue off my chest.

The Commission on Gender Equality has found that two guest houses in Cape Town catering only for homosexual men are within their rights, saying this accommodation is a "necessity in our democratic society". iol

One headline even read that this was 'good discrimination'.

Now, I can't, for the life of me, figure out why heteros would even want to go to a 'gay' hotel (sies Mimi weet jy wat doen hulle daar?!), and I understand that no one feels comfortable being gawped at while you're trying to hang out and hang out and about.

But whatever is 'good discrimination'? Although it's never safe to polarize these issues into simple equations of :

discrimination = bad

acceptance = good

the contradiction is so blindingly obvious it's difficult not to balk.

In a free and democratic society would I be able to set up -

  1. an all boy's club
  2. an all-whites hotel
  3. a heteros-only restaurant

Whether the pink people like to admit it or not, the fight against discrimination started a long time before they pulled their collective fanny's out the closet. The struggle to free marginalised groups from sweeping generalisations and prejudice should hardly end with those self-same groups brandishing the concept of 'good discrimination' as a means to protect their interests. It seems retarded in logic.

Anyways, I'm sure the mysoginistics apes that frequented the old boys clubs thought it a good idea also.


spasticfantastic said...

see? being open minded is for the weak. i salute you.

dorothy said...

you think that there are parameters for the phrase 'good discrimination' and that they should / can be made legally binding?

Sparky said...

well...Im a mysoginist.
I still enjoy the company of women, and am remarkably civil towards them, though I still have a deep seated dislike and mistrust of them. that doesn't mean I want them seperated from my presence.

though I think I might have missed the point in your assertion in the last sentence.

dorothy said...


Michael-john said...

"necessity in our democratic society" .... BS!!!!!!! What homophobic spineless lot the Commission on Gender Equality are! We live in the New SA where everyone should have equal rights so if for some reason I want to enter the said two establishments I should not have to be a homosexual …. I believe that they should inform me that the are “Guy” friendly of cater for people of that nature but I should have the right to go there ….. I would love to hear what our dear friends have to say about the rights of a TV (transvestite) when is it in order to use the male loo’s and when the ladies loo’s …. M

spasticfantastic said...

you know, I will vote for personal freedom every time, as long as it doesn't detract from someone else's. So maybe I should say I will vote for personal freedom whenever possible. Who wants to tell other people what to do anyway??

I dunno D. Is there really a need for discrimination of any sort, or is it just our way of denying the reality of the inherent unfairness of existence in a fallen creation? "Let's make it right, it has to be right!" Personally I like ambiguity and a touch of unhappiness, it's the soft-focus of life.

But to answer your question (by not answering it), I enjoy the luxury of not having an opinion wherever possible.

Do Kwang said...

To me the fact that the people at that guest house want to hang out only with people like themselves is kinda stupid. But maybe in a democratic society people should be allowed to be kinda stupid. It's the same with this Native Club that has just been formed for influencial black business people and politicians. I am not thaaaat outraged at the idea of it, but I am sure that people will laugh at them one day. Because they want to spend all day staring at people who are the same as them. That's stupid.
Yet, I also think the gay guest houses involved in the court case are glorified brothels some time. The practicality of it all is that it is easier to engage in xxxxxxxxxxx all over the place when xxxxxxxxxxxx is not looking.

Do Kwang said...

Oh, and I am now also at
Visit and comment, please.

marita says said...

i agree with you prof, we're laughing already. it's like orania and the cvo schools. i think it is pretty amazing (and hilarious) that we are so free we've even come up with the term 'good discrimnation'