Tuesday, July 25


A friend of mine got me into this site. Apart from all the other funny fluff, they have a legendary Do's and Don'ts section. They've even brought out a book, collecting all the Do's and Don'ts they've published through the years. It is - needless to say, otherwise I would be blogging this - hysterically funny.

Here's my recent favourite:

Another gooder for people who like to rip stupid famous people off is Go Fug Yourself.

Again, a real knee-slapper.

Good night all. Deadline is being pushed forward because I am not God.

No really. I'm not.


spasticfantastic said...

IMHO viceland funny up to a point - all they are telling me is they want to show people the little bits of snot on their ties; I'm more of a 'why always the fighting' kinda guy and this is neagativity to me, but then again I'm over the hill so I'm speaking for the old fogies. If you look hard enough perhaps you can find something in everyone that's uncool? It may be better not to make people feel bad about themselves, it's such a cheap trick.

maeree said...

wanneer is jou deadline? jy's so stil!