Saturday, August 19

Moonings about kitsch

Maeree's recent 'it's my blog and i'll post what i want to' and Do Kwang's loo artwork reminded me of Sarah Moon, that enigmatic pale faced pouter that adorned at least one wall of any house I walked into as kid. Anyone remember her?

I always pictured Sarah Moon to look something like her paintings - a flowery apparition in a haze of incense and rose petals. Turns out Sarah Moon looks less like a seventies love child and more like a cocktail-sipping retiree in Florida (couldn't find any younger pics of him).

Bijan Djamalzadeh

I had a heated debate with some friends of mine about the 'cool' value of certain pieces of established kitsch. Whereas Sarah Moon will never - in my books - be cool, pieces like Tretchikoff's brill blue and black faced girls are elevated to that realm of 'collectable kitsch'.

I think this'll be my kitsch week. More on this later.


maeree said...

sarah moon! ek het as klein dogtertjie gedroom van eendag wat ek groot is en genoeg geld gaan h^e om my eie sarah moon poster te koop. en nou lyk sy so!

gm said...

I remember that my primary school English teacher had a serious vendetta against Sarah Moon. Apparently, if you squeezed your eyes just so, you could see Satan/a demon/something. She spent a whole lesson explaining why we should go home and destroy all Sarah Moon pictures.

I know kitsch is bad, but evil?

(True story, though)

dorothy said...

WOW! that's hectic...but it sounds kind of familiar...i'm not sure kitsch is necessarily bad - it serves as a healthy cultural barometer - look at paris hilton - BUT i KNOW for a fact that the nasty little pink porcelain dogs my mom has are EVIL.

gm said...


The evil pink porcelain dogs - now there's a story!

arcadia said...

i'll second that. those giant porcelain bull dogs too. evil has a name - ugly.

maeree said...

ek wil ook die duiwel in sara moon posters sien! wil iemand dit nie asb met photoshop highlight, vir die oningewydes onder ons nie? asb?

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Ek onthou my suster se evil 1980s swart-en-wit harlekyn maskers teen haar kamermure. Met die perfekte enkele traantjie en pruilmondjie, alles. Ek wonder wat sy daarmee gemaak het toe haar oë in 1990 oopgegaan het. Miskien het sy dit aan 'n kultus geskenk om hulle tempel mee op te tert.