Thursday, August 17


So this is how it's going to be. I noticed a little something wrong with the universe a few weeks ago. But nooooo, everyone was talking farms and music and and and...

This morning Marita informed me that the diabolical evil that is Lig magazine has swooped upon Chris Chameleon. As if stealing Nataniel from the bosom of cool wasn't enough, they've weasled their way under the skin of dear Chris and begun the promised metamorphosis of character so fataly prophetic in his name.

Please, dear friends, spare a tear for The Metamorphosis of Chris - the kind Kafka would cringe at.




What the fuck? WHAT IS THAT!? What have they done to your hair Chris?? Who is that pawn of Beelzebub clawing you to her lime-green bosom?! (oh, i just read the caption - it's your mother...even worse - Freud would have something to say about this)


Don't misunderstand me - I'm all for change. Change is as good as a holiday as my mother always says. But good god. PASTEL??

Thank you for that insightful caption Lig - you've created another monster with a bad smile and heavy base.



maeree said...

well, een ding weet ek: hy sal nie weer met 'n verpleegster uniform op die verhoog kan gaan nie! die tannies sal hulle krulle skoon reguit skrik.
is ek al een wat dink sy ma lyk soos meryl streep?

arcadia said...

that's so funny! well, he sure knows how to sell more cd's.

Pienk Zuit said...

maeree, ek is oortuig dit is Meryl Streep. Geen mens kan "toevallig" so baie soos sy lyk nie! Dis alles deel van die marketing campaign.

marita says said...

i thought people moved closer to God and Lig pre-millenium, but this is fairly odd. i am curious to see who will make the cover next? i remember a photo shoot with chris in de kat a couple of years ago where he prowled around an enormous tree wearing only some white undies... no pastel

psigioot said...

wie dink jy is jy om sulke uitlatings te maak oor mense wat jy nie eers ken nie? sy ma is 'n engel. einde van die storie.

dorothy said...

psigioot - who do i think i am?

i'm a member of the public voicing a personal opinion about the LOOKS of people i have no personal connection to, who have put themselves in the public spotlight to be adored or picked at as the spectator feels fit.

I'm sure Paris Hilton is a lovely person as well but nobody argues the point of picking her apart.

it's not personal - i don't know either of them - it's more a comment on Lig.

Dai said...

Famous people put themselfes out there to be commented on. That is the POINT of being famous. Even Paris Hilton could be an angel in real life.

Fabulously funny post again Dorothy! I really really really hope Jesus is not the next Lig cover man... ;-)

spasticfantastic said...

maeree se post is erg funny!

^ ^ jitte-titte maar my afrikaans het darem afgekak na 5 jaar in ingiland