Monday, November 13

Why Straight Girls Like Gay Clubs

I went to my first gay bar on Saturday. The occasion was a birthday and the night was balmy.
I was wearing heels.
I had been warned and intrigued about Bronx by many (it's a hole but just so much FUN x 78) and it was time to check it out.
This is what I came to understand about Why Straight Girls Like Gay Bars.

1. They play Dolly Parton remixes.
2. The barman make good eye candy and you can oogle without anyone thinking you're trying to pick them up.
3. You can sit at the bar by yourself without anyone thinking you're there to be picked up.
4. You can dance your little heart out without anyone sidling up to you or grabbing your arse.
5. Nobody gives a toss how you look or how you dance.

Point 4 could be debated though. I was having a ball until Bernard decided God had a plan by placing us in the same seedy joint and proceeded to try gettin' jiggy wit it with me.

Damn straight boys - just never around when you want them to be.


Pienk Zuit said...

The wife and I had a vey interesting evening at Bronx a few years ago (before we got married actually). We went to a (gay) friend's birthday party at a restaurant in the city, and at the end of the evening he said he wants to take us straight people to a gay club to show us what it's like. So he took us to Bronx and some night club place accross the street (can't remember the name). One of our (straight) male friends was very disgusted that no-one tried to chat him up. It was karaoke evening at Bronx, so you can imagine how popular Dolly Parton was that night.

dorothy said...

The whole 'why don't gay people chat me up' sentiment is wierd.
do you see any straights waking up and thinking, 'gosh, what i really want to do today is chat up a gay person'? :)

Sparky said...

wait wait...grabbing your ass is a no no?

goodbye, cruel world.

Do Kwang said...

You might not have noticed it, but point 5 is definitely also open to debate. Extremely open to debate, girlfriend.

dorothy said...

lucky for me then that i'm the dancing queen - i OWN the dancefloor. it is mine. nobody can fault it. even on heels.

bloute said...

Pienk Zuit, are you referring to 55 by any chance? Bronx can be fun, but for me, I have to have a significant amount of alcohol in me to appreciate the music. As for the chatting up - I've learnt that gay boys can recognise us straight boys. Especially the barmen. I find it very hard to get good service at the bar at Bronx.

Not sure about no. 5 though. My female friends are more self-conscious about their looks when we go to a gay club...

dorothy said...

really? strange - i think i hang out with too many gay men to be bothered :)