Monday, December 11

You are my sunshine

Dear Daniel

I recently betook myself to watch James Bond - Casino Royale. I do not generally like Bond movies, finding their formulaic plots, corny one-liners and sexually bland characters as attractive as a pig's anus.

However. The last James Bond, featuring Pierce being beaten up and tortured, gave me hope that Bond was on it's way to a better cinema experience for all. And I didn't fall alseep once.

And then. You came along. My darling, you are so very beautiful I almost cried. You are so very hot I could barely keep from sliding off my chair. Daniel, your searing - but not overwhelming - sexual appeal will keep me on tenterhooks for the next Bond movie. You may sleep with as many woman as ethically possible without introducing condoms - because then I get to see you naked. You (and obviously the forward thinking producers, director and scrip-writers [wouldn't want to forget them]) have brought life to the ailing and limp-willied personalities of Bond.

I love you. You are beautiful.
Yours in love,