Tuesday, January 16

The Caruso Kid

i love this site. few people do. but i think it's hysterical. HYSTERICAL. reading through a few pieces to brighten my first day at work, i came across a wonderful line about David Caruso:

...the man whose career won't die no matter how hard he or anyone else tries to throttle it, and who is now thriving like all those cockroaches who shake off nuclear fallout only to take over the world with their nasty little antennae. And [ref. CSI hack hack hack] Big Red rips off his sunglasses and puts them on again over and over and over while he spits out stilted puns and then hightails it off camera...

i racked my brains and thought and thought. the name sounded vaguely familiar - a distant bell began tolling in the depths of my memory and with a shudder his face came back to me.

shh, don't worry little amy, uncle davie's gonna be real gentle with you

let's just look at another one shall we...

i mean, i'm no flower and certainly not much photogenic myself. but seriously.

although i’ve only seen about three CSI episodes, i still feel a little violated by the fact that, as a viewer, I am supposed to swallow this face with a name like Horatio Caine. Horation Caine people. which overly romantic prepubescent thought that up? At least with all the soft focus, blurred, quick edit cuts, zoom focus tunnel zwooshes and highdefinition cgi splats one doesn’t actually have to see what these super copdocs actually look like in that bizarre otherworld called reality.


Triggermap said...

I don't why, but he always gave me the impression that he has a liking for little girls. Bad me to say it considering I have no real evidence, but I just get that feeling when I see him on TV.

dorothy said...

do you see!? it must be true - if two people who do not know eachother can come to same conclusion about a man they do not know personally or 'professionally' (loosely speaking - does his 'acting' in CSI count as a 'profession') it simply has to be true.

maeree said...

ek is mál oor csi - amper verslaaf. maar horatio veroorsaak dat ek van my derde nekwerwel afskuif en op die tv-skerm skree.

wat het hom besiel met daardie foto met die vingertjie???!!!