Thursday, February 1

Dear Blogger

I’ve been meaning to write this letter to you for a while now. But I’ve been trying to put it off. Yesterday, a friend gently suggested that it was time. Time to bring this all out into the open. Blogger, you and I have had many good times – we’ve laughed, we’ve cried; we’ve made some great blogger friends. Life has been good for us.

Do you remember when we first met? How we couldn’t stay away from each other and every day was another opportunity to draw closer to all those wonderful topics that brought us so much joy to talk about? Do you remember how I would rush to you first thing every morning, even before saying hi to Gmail? Even ignoring all those others clamouring for my attention in MSN. Do you remember how your Dashboard would welcome me without fail, without expectation? God how I loved your clean, sleek simplicity.

The thing is Blogger, things have changed; it’s not the same for me anymore. Please don’t misunderstand me, it’s not I don’t love you anymore. It’s not that. And there is no other I swear (you know how I feel about Myspace). It’s just that, well, I’m just so busy with other things you know - there’s all this other writing that needs to be done; and other places to…you know…put it. I’m so tired of all these empty promises we make to each other. Me promising to post something ‘worthwhile’, you promising to change your ways without leaving me in the cold with my posts faceless, or worse still, lost and alone in some virtual neverworld. We don't need to go into that again. I won't play the blame game and I don't want to hurt anyone, Blogger,
least of all you.

It’s not that I don’t want to be with you anymore. I just feel we need some space from each other for a while you know. Just a little bit of down time. I guess I’m being a coward. I mean, essentially it’s the expectation you know. Like you expect me to visit every day, and if I don’t you’ll start ignoring me. I just couldn’t deal with the rejection.

So, what I’m trying to say is just…I don’t think I’ll be coming around as often anymore. The sheen’s gone a little from our relationship. I think you realise this also. I’m kind of hoping that in a little while, maybe when all this ‘Real Life’ stuff starts becoming less of a nuisance, I be able to dedicate more time to you…maybe even every day again.

But I don’t want that to be another empty promise.

So, I’ll just say goodbye for now. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. Don’t hate me Blogger. Remember the good times. There will be more. I just don’t know when.

All my love,


Triggermap said...


I'll miss your great posts (you're one of my fave bloggers), but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. I wish you luck for the poetry reading and hope everything else goes well. Hopefully one day you'll change your mind, but until then best wishes :)

P.S. Daniel Craig finds women who blog irresistable. Just a thought -take it or leave it :P

marita says said...

oh no! my life feels so empty now. not only are you miles away, you might be blogging less too? poor me.

Lily said...

I shall miss you terribly and will look for you every time I log in.

Sparky said...

you told me size doesn't matter!
*runs off sobbing*

dorothy said...

marita - the thought of hurting you is like a knife to my belly - that alone might compel me to blog regularly

that and the fact that by blogging i might attract the likes of my darling daniel. sigh.

Lammervanger said...

Who the hell am I going to talk to about horses?

SaM-GiRL said...

Awww, i can totally relate to your post! I feel exactly the same! I also ignore my msn buddies and spend most of my free time either on my blog, or reading other peoples! so sad.... but true! lol! You have a great way of writing!

Adam said...

Does this mean I have to remove you from my blogroll?

dorothy said...

don't you dare
it'll just be a little while
YOU SEE!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT - you need some time away and then you're suddenly nobody! THE PRESSURE!

Michael-john said...

Bye bye Dorothy ....

Blogging should be a extension of your thoughts ... when you need to think what to write you should stop ...step away and well ... enjoy the peace a little!

Looking forward to seeing you back here!

be naughty !