Wednesday, February 28


that's a pretty huge title for what is a very simple post about my plants.

here is my frangipani: a limb ripped from the mother plant and stuck into a bag of soil, it spent most of last two months looking like it was dead...

and then:

amazing huh?

this is my avo tree:

from just a little pip. i find it endlessly fascinating - how a whole tree can creep up from a hard little stone, perfectly formed and continuously moving up up up with more leaves, barkier bark and little buds of life popping out in some rhythmical magic.

i guess the whole relentless life thing struck me when i willed my first bonsai back from the brink of tree death. i found it dried out and brown on a friend's farm years ago. now look at it: some water, some superthrive and some attention.

i don't think i want to ever know the mechanics behind how things grow and the force of life that insists on living.

it's just too wonderful as a mystery


Adam said...

Don't you ever, ever threaten to leave us ever again! Your posts inspire me. My day was very bleak until now. Thanx.

BTW. The tree I posted last that the dog Tudor chewed down to as stump...? Remember that tree? Well, the new dog chewed down the other end! I was horrified, but can only let nature go its way...

I also realised that dogs love the taste of Witstinkhout leaves. Yes, my tree was not sick, my tree was not dying, my tree was being harvested... I took it indoors. Two meters above groundlevel. Where no dog can reach...

Pienk Zuit said...

I'd love to have an avo tree. But I'm too impatient, I can't wait 10 years for it to start bearing fruit. I want avos now dammit!

dorothy said...

adam - u rock :) as for your unfortunate trees - i don't think you can fully comprehend how much i feel your pain. i go into screaming hysterics if i see one little mealie bug nesting in the bark (we're talking horror screaming UUUAAAGGHH AAAAMYGODDD AAHHH)so if i caught my dog chowing it i think i would actually faint from panic.

pz - it's just so pretty watching it grow that actual fruit is something beside the point

maeree said...

love that last picture! mag ek dit op my rekenaar save om moontlik eendag in 'n presentation te gebruik?

zuit, daar was destyds 'n avokadoboom voor minerva (weet nie of dit nog daar is nie). ons het elke jaar die heerlikste avokado's geƫet.

sal bonzai boompies bonzai vruggies dra?

dorothy said...

maeree - the last image is not mine to give - i stole it away from google. don't hate me. and no bonsai trees deliver the same size fruit - very weird to see. but then i've only ever seen a crab apple bonsai deliver fruit. so you'll have this little tree, with one big apple. ha ha ha ha

Carien said...

I have a question about plants. I have a beautiful "delicious monster" plant in my office... How can I get another one to grow? Do I cut off stems or roots? Do I put them in water or potting soil? (I've tried to Google this and it finally led to some Spanish website.)

Adam said...

Carien - kliek op die volgende links:



Hier is een metode wat hul gebruik:

Air layering

In air layering, the target region is wounded and then surrounded in a moisture-retaining wrapper such as sphagnum moss, which is further surrounded in a moisture barrier such as polyethylene film. Rooting hormone is often applied to encourage the wounded region to grow roots. When sufficient roots have grown from the wound, the stem from the parent plant is removed and planted.

dorothy said...

i have to say, using the phrase 'wounded region' is upsetting to me; i'd prefer to say 'vulnerable area of possible growth'.
i've never tried air layering. i'd probably just nick off a very new leaf quite close to the base, dip the cut bit in a soft stem root hormone and pop it in some soil. cut the leaf in half and cover the entire area with a cut off plastic bottle (protects it and creates a humid enironment).
thats my two cents.

Bryan said...

hello, hello...the avo looks strangely familiar :) when are you coming out to this part of the world again so that we can drink rooibos tea all afternoon? Bryan

Paige said...

hey, did you grow that avo tree from a pip. i want to try. any hints? how'd you do it?