Friday, March 9

much lassiness

My little plums,

Today I came across a delicious beverage I felt inspired to share with you. It is called Bombay Lassi.

Walking aimlessly throught the Waterfront Pick 'n Pay in search of something to quench my thirst and soothe my belly and trailing the aisles for whole minutes, I was just about to surrender to some drinking bifidus yogurt, when, reaching for the little tub, I felt a ray of warmth envelop my hand in that icy fridgeness.

And there the darling was.

Bombay Lassi:

I was somewhat sceptical. I don't much like lime, and green tea is something I swallow down when in health related dire straits. But I took the plunge. And with not 'one synthetic supplements such as compounds or colourants' used, it was damn delicious. I even kept the cup to bring back to show you.

Isn't it pretty?

And it tastes really good too.


Pienk Zuit said...

But is she as sweet as a wee Scottish lassy?

There, I know it's not really funny, but it took me 4 days to finally come up with a comment.

dorothy said...





it wasn't that funny, you're right, but i thought i'd reward the effort.