Thursday, December 11

W24 - the bad boy

Dorothy Black tells us why bad boys make her slither off her chair...

I think I have a new crush. I went to watch a Taxi Violence gig last week and nearly slid off my seat watching the lead singer George vd Spuy roaring into the mike – all forceful noise, tight jeans and sweat. And tattoos. Yum.

It's a fact that rock musos have that whole animalistic sex appeal thing about them that just makes you want to throw your panties on stage. But I think that appeal can be boiled down to a character type. The bad boy. read more...

Exhibit A - The Metro, Janez

(Pic found on Mamba btw)

Exhibit B - The Bad Boy - George vd Spuy

(thank you pictures i took at flikr)

I was a little disappointed about the response on this to be honest. I guess I just thought SA women would be more precious about their sex symbols. Though maybe I should've said Steve Hofmeyr's gay. Or better, Danny K.

You would've seen the shit hit the fan then.

(and if you're south african and don't know who taxi violence is - you suck [not that i'm biased or anything])

Friday, November 28

W24 - Make mine chocolate

Dorothy's thankful for her seat in the restaurant of life with more that just a choice of vanilla, vanilla or vanilla...

So, I've got this friend. Let's call him *S. We've been hanging out for a while and he's pretty cool. A great shag that can hold down a conversation and a proper job, *S makes me laugh and takes my (occasional) bullshit like a man – with his chin up and his mouth shut. As far as lovers go, he currently rates number one.

But something else sets *S apart in my life. He was the first black man I ever slept with. read more...

white girls who like black boys who like white boys who like black girls
always should be someone you really love

my ed tells me this was had the highest hit count at about 20 000. i love how saffas are still so freaked about anything to do with race. such a soft target really.

W24 - the wrong porridge

Dorothy Black's come to realise that there's something to be said for reaching the summit of what is considered one's sexual peak...

There's something to be said for reaching the summit as a single thirty-something. Oh how the hormones fly, practically flinging themselves in the face of any vaguely attractive man. Or woman really. Raging hormones don't discriminate after a few glasses of cheap cab sauv. Which has started raising many questions about what is appropriate for us single thirty-somethings. Which got me thinking about Goldilocks and her porridge problem. read more...

This was actually a blog I wrote once.

W24 - fourteen and fantasising

Face it, they are doing more than just thinking about it. Dorothy Black explains, via a little retrospective.

Paging through an old magazine the other day I came across those photos that were taken of Miley Cyrus for Vanity Fair. I don't know if you remember the pics or the debacle of moral outrage that ensued over bare-backed Miley with a smudge of lipstick, but it was big.

You see, Miley's photos oozed something a purity-ring brandishing teenager isn't supposed to ooze: sexuality. read more...

This was one of the Annie Leibovitz pics of Miley Cyrus in the Vanity Fair that was so vilified.

Monday, October 13

moving on

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