Friday, November 28

W24 - Make mine chocolate

Dorothy's thankful for her seat in the restaurant of life with more that just a choice of vanilla, vanilla or vanilla...

So, I've got this friend. Let's call him *S. We've been hanging out for a while and he's pretty cool. A great shag that can hold down a conversation and a proper job, *S makes me laugh and takes my (occasional) bullshit like a man – with his chin up and his mouth shut. As far as lovers go, he currently rates number one.

But something else sets *S apart in my life. He was the first black man I ever slept with. read more...

white girls who like black boys who like white boys who like black girls
always should be someone you really love

my ed tells me this was had the highest hit count at about 20 000. i love how saffas are still so freaked about anything to do with race. such a soft target really.

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