Friday, November 28

W24 - fourteen and fantasising

Face it, they are doing more than just thinking about it. Dorothy Black explains, via a little retrospective.

Paging through an old magazine the other day I came across those photos that were taken of Miley Cyrus for Vanity Fair. I don't know if you remember the pics or the debacle of moral outrage that ensued over bare-backed Miley with a smudge of lipstick, but it was big.

You see, Miley's photos oozed something a purity-ring brandishing teenager isn't supposed to ooze: sexuality. read more...

This was one of the Annie Leibovitz pics of Miley Cyrus in the Vanity Fair that was so vilified.


Pienk Zuit said...

Whoohoo, Dorothy is back. And is she ever BACK!? Looking forward to the weekly columns.

dorothy said...

not weekly - every two weeks...GOT to get connected - will be surfing your blogs soon - but for now just trying to get it together

Anonymous said...

a few "read more" links go to expired pages.. how sad for finding your blog but not being able to read old posts