Thursday, December 11

W24 - the bad boy

Dorothy Black tells us why bad boys make her slither off her chair...

I think I have a new crush. I went to watch a Taxi Violence gig last week and nearly slid off my seat watching the lead singer George vd Spuy roaring into the mike – all forceful noise, tight jeans and sweat. And tattoos. Yum.

It's a fact that rock musos have that whole animalistic sex appeal thing about them that just makes you want to throw your panties on stage. But I think that appeal can be boiled down to a character type. The bad boy. read more...

Exhibit A - The Metro, Janez

(Pic found on Mamba btw)

Exhibit B - The Bad Boy - George vd Spuy

(thank you pictures i took at flikr)

I was a little disappointed about the response on this to be honest. I guess I just thought SA women would be more precious about their sex symbols. Though maybe I should've said Steve Hofmeyr's gay. Or better, Danny K.

You would've seen the shit hit the fan then.

(and if you're south african and don't know who taxi violence is - you suck [not that i'm biased or anything])

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