Thursday, January 22

W24 - Defending The Other Woman

Dorothy Black is taken aback by wives and girlfriends who point a guilty finger at the mistress. And the mistress only

The other night, over sushi, Lady Lou dropped a little bombshell between the ginger and the nigiri...

'I saw him again.'

I almost choked on my saki.

You see, 'him' is Frankenfuck, my pet name for the married man she had eventually decided to stop seeing after two years of a discreet affair. But he was back. Manstrosities never know when to quit while they're ahead. read more...

When i came back to south africa after a few years abroad, i was really surprised at how many people were shoving copious amounts of blow up their noses each week and how many people had affairs.

thing is, i'm not so sure it's natural being monogamous but i think i'm still too old-fashioned and socialised not to be hurt by it.

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