Friday, January 23

lonely hearts

the column got a whole lot of response that i guess i was actually surprised about.

although i'm always a little wary of men who claim their wives aren't putting out enough, i gotta say that i felt genuine angst from some of the male readers - guys who love their wives but simply aren't getting any lovin' despite real efforts to make it work.

It got me wondering where all the loving goes after a few years of being in a monogamous relationship. are their wives simply not interested in sleeping with their partners anymore? did their sex drive disappear with kids and mortage payments and early onset menopause? or are we simply not engineered to be faithful to one partner for an extended period of time?

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Rocker 38 said...

Hooray! I've been asking the same question for years. What the hell is up with married women? Why are they not having the time of their lives? In a monogamous, long term relationship you get to have regular sex in a safe environment with a partner that knows (or should) your body. I'll tell you what the problem is - society, SA in particular with its Lutheran/Calvinistic heritage, tells us that it's not acceptable for women to love sex and have as much as they want. The only girls that seem to be having fun are the single ones. Come on wives, let's take what's ours and have a blast!