Monday, February 23

Finally found the one

my plums.

I think i have found my life partner.

And it's a she I think. (It just feels that way in her curves...)

I found her at dr eve's stand at the woman's fair thing at CTICC on friday.

allow me to introduce you to Delight. she is beautiful. i am in love.

it seems money can buy love (all 1600 south african rands of it) ... or at least unfailing orgasms. what i really enjoy about it is that it isn't shaped like a penis (not that we have anything against the penis, but not everything that gives pleasure must be phallic) but is actually shaped to derive maximum pleasure from all the vag happy spots.

what joy is mine...


kyknoord said...

I don't think it would work for me - I mean, apart from the obvious "being a guy" reason - because it looks a little bit too similar to the integral symbol symbol used in calculus. *shudder* Bad memories. Baaaad memories.

arcadia said...

what a beauty! (and i'm glad you're back, btw - no one else finds conversations about vibrators quite as exciting as you and maeree and i)

Wenchy said...

I have one!!!!!! THAT ONE! :)

dorothy said...

oh my god. seriously? i'm so jealous of you right now. i'm so jealous it hurts in my head