Friday, February 13

i heart friday 13th

Well, this is a shitty friday. a shitty friday the 13th. they're shifting editorial into a dark, shitty little corner with a view of concrete.

It is depressing. how will my delicate creativity stand the stifling and blocked feng shui of corporate upscaling in favour of SPORTS?!

So now, as i say goodbye to my view and sunlight and happy disposition – and as i've lost my mojo to attract anything other than ants and bad story lines – i've decided that bad office politics on friday the 13th and a dismal lack of love and shagging on valentines can be rolled into one neat little package of shittiness.

c'm here, you bad boy, you

on the up side. a chat with sparky last night resolved my next column. he said something else that i quite enjoyed: 'you might call it lying. I like to think of it as story telling.'

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