Tuesday, February 3

W24 - The waiting game

Is withholding sex from someone to keep them interested worthwhile? Dorothy Black is doubtful.

A long, long time ago, in a far away place, sex and dating was simple. There was an order to things. Boy would meet girl and they’d like each other. Boy would ask girl out.

If all went well they were automatically deemed exclusive. On the second date they would hold hands, on the third they'd kiss, and only by the tenth date they would sleep together. By the twentieth they'd be engaged.

The end.


you just wait until i have that rock on my finger big boy

So here's the new one. I wasn't feeling it as much I expected to when I decided to write about it. Probably because I was drunk. When I wrote it that is. Actually... when I thought about it also... it's been a rough week.

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