Monday, February 9

With a song in my heart...

I've been waking up the past few mornings with a love song in my head.

The first morning: The Carpenters - On top of the world

The second morning: Michael Jackson - I just can't stop loving you

The third morning: Elton John - The one

This morning - the fourth - was a re-run of Michael Jackson's Can't stop loving you.

This might be because I'm mentally trying to prepare myself for the next column. It was meant to be about trampoline boys and cockblockers but since a friend of mine is getting married on Saturday - Valentine's Day - i'm guessing that i'm going to have to come up with something more relevant to love and hooking up all that (deadline's Monday).

Which could be a problem as I am all outta love (oh fuck...that's a song also isn't it? just got the chorus in head as i wrote that) and i am tired tired tired of playing the thirty-something single BAH and i don't even play THAT very well


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maeree said...

ugh, ek haat troues
en josh groban