Tuesday, March 24


well. not mine. i quite like my life. but chris roper pointed out this site as being funny. and he's right. and although i always thought laughing at these people would accrue bad karma and give me herpes, i just can't help it.

for these people i recommend a dose of alain de botton's consolations of philosophy. he is a fabulous writer i found at a little bookshop called eslite in hsinchu, taiwan (although the pic in the wiki entry is actually Page One in Taipei).

which was just as well, because at the time i was really rather miserable.

hsinchu was never a very pretty place for me.

oh how awful the relentless grey

now i've lost the book. lent it to someone i think or it's sitting with an ex. which is fine since i now live here:

oh how marvellous the beautiful life

it's an oldie but a goodie my plums - no matter how kak you think things are there's always someone having a kakker time.

over and out.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old army expression: "Word wakker, word wakker! Gister was kak en vandag is nog kakker". Grammar isn't too much of a concern in the military.

dorothy said...

hahaha...hang on is kakker not a word? actually i have a word which is similar that i enjoy using more - kakkerasie (afrikaans). as in 'en dit was nou 'n groot kakkerasie.' sort of 'situasie' (however you spell that) meets 'kak'. my afrikaans friends think that is very funny.

or maybe they're just being nice to me...