Wednesday, March 4


shit ya'll, there're actually some cool sa programmes on telly. don't watch it much other than for movies and the such, but yesterday, whilst snacking on some beetroot and flipping through all four channels, i happened upon Hopeville.

what a fabulous little gem. lovely story, great script, fab characterisation, brilliant photography, wonderful actors - i'm running out of adjectives - well done little wonderful people you...

and then, as if that wasn't enough... The Lab (get a site guys)...

although not quite as kiff as Hopeville and a little too slick and slow, i quite enjoyed it really.

mostly i liked the fact that both portray normal people.

the last time i watched SA programmes it had the same old rich white/poor black, arsehole whitey/criminal tsotsi, apartheid yadda yadda story...

hurrah for clever people

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