Saturday, March 14

Lark, the herald angel sings (again)

Dear Inge

I love you again. The band was on time, you smiled, you were lovely to your adoring villagers, you rocked the house.

I think you are as wonderful as i first thought you were.

Let's just forget the nastiness of past snarkiness and move on, shall we?

And let's hope that, like Jack Bauer, this isn't the last time we'll hear from you and the clever boys.


sparky said...

what the hell was with the pirate folk rock bullshit band before them, though?

were they hoping to thin the crowd out a bit? oh the humanity.

its sad to see LARK go...but if they're not all going to stay in the same city, then the group has run its course. I would very much like to get my hands on an mp3 of "Brave", though.

dorothy said...

shit no kidding - isn't it on the dvd?

sparky said...

nope..."similar siamese sin" is though