Thursday, March 12

Lark, the herald bitchbird sings

Dear Inge

I am very excited to be going to a Lark gig at the assembly tomorrow night. It pleases me greatly. I heard you (and by 'you' i really mean 'the band', after all, Lark is in fact mostly those very clever boys that support your vocal talent) were lovely at Ramfest.

I'm not sure if you remember my love letter to you a while ago. I oooed and aaahed about how fabulous i thought you were and how fantastically blessed we were to have such talent in SA.

It seems, you thought the same. Cos every time i've seen you on stage since then you're really quite a narly little prima donna - naf with the audience, unreasonably late (as if we truly have nothing better to do than wait to hear you sing) ... it is upsetting to me. Especially since I thought you were a lovely person. And then I read this - and that was ages ago... have you always been this way my little oiseau de chanson?

mostly i find the overall sense of self-importance odd since the solo stuff i heard of yours was well ... interesting ... polar bears? not so much.

anyway, my little nightingale/larkbird person - despite small flutterings of reservations i remain thrilled about tomorrow night and the show it promises.

please arrive on time like a person with manners and be nice to the people that are paying to see you and making you quasi-famous in the village.

your somewhat still adoring fan,

love her as much as she does, trite village person, or she'll peck your eyes out

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