Wednesday, March 18

the lash of the whip


So i write this column about sermonising religious folk and how they might consider leaving the big G out of sex and that i am of the opine that religiosity tends to twist this very natural act and...well...i get funnies like this: have so many men that you cannot even remember them? To be like an animal...baboons, especially...they do it whenever, wherever they want moral guide whatsoever... that's you! are to blame for the filth that you gathered through your life...I wonder if you have a daughter and if you have, what do you teach her....come on baby...get old enough so that you can open your legs for anything that has a penis...shame...I really feel for you. It is people like you that is a disgrace to humanity. - Sanette*

shoo guys. sanette sure has amazing powers of does she do it?

three words.

pro. jec. tion.

oh and another fave:

Funny how people have such strong opinions about sex and God and everything else in this world!! Yet most people still don't truly know a single thing about either. I pray for a true AWAKENING TO ALMIGHTY GOD the Creator of the heavens and the earth, for all you people out there Atheists, Muslims etc. If you knew TRUTH, none of you would make such statements! You who say what does sex have to do with God? He is the one who created it!! It has everything to do with God read the BIBLE which means (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) It talks about everything from sex to true love and forgiveness for all and salvation for all nations! Unfortunatley mankind always thinks he knows more and therefore what we sow we will definately reap!!! JESUS CHRIST IS KING!! I pray for myself as well as all the lost that you may truly have an awakening to God our Father, Jesus our Saviour and Holy Spirit our Teacher and Comforter! - Nelly

*edited for brevity.

i shouldn't be poking fun.

it might be a little known fact but i was brought up in a very Christian household, so i am fully aware of how seriously people take this shit... but yikes....WHOA NELLY!

over and out my plums


maeree said...

well written column, hoewel ek natuurlik nie met jou saamstem nie (-;

en ai, ek kry soms tog so skaam vir my mede-christene. en dan wonder ek of ek en iemand soos bv sanette dieselfde god aanbid. me thinks not.

weet jou ma van jou kolom? lees sy dit?

Christopher said...

Yes, one shouldn't be poking fun, but how can you help it when people are so self-righteous and judgmental.

Bring on the pointy sticks!

Lev David said...

Poke fun, dammit. Don't see why we have to be so precious about it.

dorothy said...

maeree - she does! though she doesn't read (ag liefie, hoekom MOET jy oor DIT skryf) my dad's a priest and HE reads it :)
funnily i was wondering what you were going to say about it - but of course then you are my most favourite kind of religious person

kyknoord said...

"...edited for brevity" *snort* why is it that the Sanettes and Nellys of the world are incapable of making their point succinctly? The urge to rantle (my new word for a rambling rant) seems inherent.

sparky said...

maybe you just bring out "the crazy" in your readers.

as I've told you, its not my favourite entry in your column 9not for any religious views on anything), but it certainly seems to have stirred up some trouble.

which I believe equals success, no?

sparky said...

ceiling cat FTW!