Tuesday, March 3

Oral traditions

Yarp. so the new one's up. the trampoline boy column got a crazy amount of hits and an equal amount of crazy comments.

people can be so stupid.

doubt oral traditions will make it to news24 though, being all risky and such. (although blow jobs are deemed newsworthy, pleasuring the vagina orally still seems to be in the realm of talking animals and spacemen - quaint to joke about but nothing to be taken seriously...)

anyway. here it is...

Dorothy Black wonders if men shouldn't start paying more attention to their techniques when it comes to cunnilingus...

The ancient Egyptians believed that the fountain of eternal youth was to be found in between the legs of a woman. The story goes, apparently, that a man could live forever if he enjoyed a woman's sexual fluids at least once day.

I told Miss America this snappy little piece of info over breakfast the other day.

"They'd better have known what they were doing," she snorted. "I can't abide by a man that doesn't have a clue what's going on down there even once – let alone abide it every day."

It's a harsh truth that got me wondering about the pains and the pleasures of the oral tradition.


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