Friday, March 27

peaceably angry people

what an upset about the dalai lama. gosh. and now people are turning on clever trevor because he supports the decision to refuse the round-faced icon of happiness a visa into SA for the peace conference.

of course the government's saying china has nothing to do with the decision which we know is rubbish and it's kind of ironic that their cries of 'it will overshadow the world cup' has done nothing more than to add to column space and centimeters in the dailies for the peacable reincarnate.

and i'm pleased there's protest and outrage at this travesty of social injustice.

while we barely have enough energy to shout as loudly about the human rights violations in our own backyards, at least we're all for the freedom of tibet and any political standpoint of a celebrity spiritual leader.


it should be remembered that the whole issue isn't about peace or fighting for it or wanting it or denying it at all.

it's simply economics.

china is a bully and smaller countries are the weak fat kid on the playground. you might not like the fact that the government has said no to the dalai lama, but i'm sure you're ok with being economically supported by the red dragon.

so rather than bleat about the horror, the horror, follow the link to these much more interesting sheep... ooo the preeeetiiieeee liiiiiitess

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kyknoord said...

No chance that China's going to go back to sleep, is there?