Thursday, March 19

speed dating and backronyms

so yes, my plums, i was going to go speed dating tonight. but it was cancelled. I am not amused. though, it will be closer to my next deadline so it'll be fresher in my mind.

in other news, did you know that you get a backronym?

backronym: n a reverse acronym, a phrase constructed after the fact to make an existing word or words
into an acronym.

like nellie's bible backronym (this chick is turning out to be a lot kiffer than i gave her credit for)

so here's my backcronym for the day:

speed dating
single people entertaining examination during dinner and toasts in naf gross (places)*

* i took a little artistic license - backronym creating is a LOT harder than you think


sparky said...

speed dating is perfect for marketing swine (we've all met the type) to meet each other, since its a fairly superficial meeting.

which given the type of creature I've pointed out, is perfect.

for normal people, I get the mental image of premature ejaculation... completely unsatisfying for both parties, and leaving at least one person feeling confused and inadequate.

kyknoord said...

The speed dating arc in the Alien loves Predator webcomic should prepare you for the experience.

dorothy said...

have you got a link to that one? very funny comic the dude's got going there

kyknoord said...

Apologies for the tardy response. It all starts here.