Monday, March 9

(Twit) er?

in another wtf moment, i logged onto twitter to find out what all the fuss is about.

i thought blogging was bad, but then realised i enjoy writing about shit whether people pay attention or not.

then i thought facebake was taking it a step too far until i realised that i like logging in once a day to look at my friends' pics and their status updates that are like little screenshots of their lives.

and then that was enough you know.

but now there's twitter. and, well, i just don't know so much.

i mean, how much more do you need? do you really need to know every contact you've ever made's every move?

between email, blogging, facebook, TV, ipods, radio, cellphones and taking a dump is there no personal space that we don't want the world to know about and validate in some way.

this microvoyeurising of our lives is getting pathological.


maeree said...

ek het ook intussen die waarde van facebook ontdek.
maar twitter? is ons regtig so eensaam?

dorothy said...

i know - it's absurd. you should check out the flash intro to twitter, explaining how it works...there is almost no moment in our lives that has to go undocumented anymore, even if it is just in the ether

kyknoord said...

The world does not need to know when or why I take a dump. That is all I have to say about Twitter.