Wednesday, April 8

madge v jolie

i don't understand the baby wars ensuing around her madgesty's modest request for another little baby. i mean good god. jolie's adopted, like, twenty of things from around the world (and popping them out like a queen bee on steriods) for her plans of global domination, so why can't madgey adopt just two for good publicity. i mean, srsly.

Good mom
(with maid and children)

Bad mom (strung out and with only ONE baby. loser.)

But then I figured it out it. Someone, somewhere is on to madge and they're trying to stop her from pursuing her evil plans: farming the fresh body tissue stem cell thingies of her young adoptees for its regenerative qualities! i mean, the chicken needs it:

madge has probably cottoned onto what all that baby shit can do for you:

i mean, for crying out loud, jolie's wearing a burka with no makeup and she still looks good.

so, madge, you got my vote. go grab those little folk - as many as you can - before your skin falls off. go now, go QUICK... i'll meet you malawi...


maeree said...

het jolie nie grimering aan nie? wat is dan daai swart goed om haar oë? as ek swart skaduwees onder my oë kry, lyk dit glad nie so sexy nie. sug.

dorothy said...

thing is, mascara doesn't register as make-up on my radar. make-up is that base stuff and blusher and lipstick - war paint for the modern woman