Monday, April 13

postsecret pic of the week

came across susie bright today while i was working on some background for the new column and read this piece of hers.

But what's so interesting about Viagra is the number of pills being popped for performance enhancement, not erectile dysfunction. Viagra in this case is used like a one-night insurance policy, a facsimile of a porn-star experience. These users aim for sexual performance the way they NEVER had it. These aren't men looking for dreams of youth, they're YOUTH who've discovered sex, in the prime of their lives, to be disappointing and even humiliating, because their penis didn’t “behave” the way they believe it’s supposed to, or because the pleasure it afforded them seemed less than the hype.

apart from the fact that i love the way she writes, she's the kind of lesbian that i wish i could be a straight girl like


Sparky said...

admittedly, in most cases, I'd go for the burger too. Maybe I've outgrown the urge to shag anything that breathes, but I find myself looking for quality over quantity nowadays.

Anonymous said...

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