Monday, April 6

postsecret pics of the week

postsecret delivers just the weirdest people sometimes. two people sent in admonishing postcards about their grannies:

i admit i might be weirded out if i saw my grandmother pleasuring herself but that's only because she's 96 and a real battle-ax for whom i am positive the only concept of self-pleasure is entirely embodied in sparkles.

fruity. very fruity.

but disgusted to the point of making me feel ill? what's wrong with this close-minded twit? when was sexuality cordoned off as Youth Only?

but this biscuit isn't alone.

attitudes towards 'overage' sex isn't actually something i gave much thought to until i read this article a while back where the writer had this take on it:

Movie legend Jane Fonda made headlines earlier this year. The Hollywood star issued a major boast to people entering the third stage of their life – apparently, the sex is better than ever!

The 70-year-old actress plans to document her own sexploits post-60 in an upcoming book titled The Third Act: Entering Primetime, which sings sexual praise about the intimacy of supposed mature couples.

This revelation stirred a few horrid visuals, but mostly, it evoked an expression of disbelief.


Call me 'closeted' and naïve, but I already struggle to believe that my 40-something mother is still up 'n at 'em. How do I swallow the fact that pensioners too are acting all randy when the lights go out? Urrgh!


it's narrow minded folk like this that lead granny to take to drink and smokes when she hits, like, 51.

and then, its seems, even that's frowned upon.

fuck. if i'm lucky enough to make to grannyhood with my sanity intact i reckon i'd be ok with a little daily orgasm followed by a jack on the rocks in leiu of knitting booties and baking cookies.


Sparky said...

I for one, look forward to the impotence, feelings of sexual inadequacy, and midlife crisis that will herald my getting on in years.

I will finally and literally be, a dirty old man.

Husbands Anonymous said...

I bet the zimmer-frames do get a-clattering on saturday nights after a few giddy rounds of canasta down at shady pines.
People are strange. Old people can be really interesting, although, that is an entirely non-sexuual observation.
Cool grannies rock!

dorothy said...

sparky - in spirit you've always been a dirty old man

H.A. - i've come to accept that for, say, teenagers i am an 'old person'. poop.

Sparky said...

I know! think of the massive head start I'll have over all the other dirty old men of my generation. I'd be like the capo regime of old degenerates everywhere.

maeree said...

briljant! dis nog een van daardie last frontier onderwerpe waaroor almal voel hulle maar kan snotty wees. alle ou mense moet uit die kas uit kom, sê ek!

Anonymous said...

Dorothy far be it from me to promote the Gimcrack on your highly amusing blog - but the asylum I work at is living proof that people in their 80s and 90s are still interested in sex