Thursday, April 2

will the real dorothy black please stand up

sweet. i love reader comments. especially when they try to google 'dorothy black' to put a face to the whorish minx who insists on selling her soul to the devil. this was one from the lastest column:

Google Dorothy Black. The results set the tone for a totally different approach in my response. No wonder you think relationships are overrated, but seriously, it takes two to tango and that makes all the difference. Just keep your dancing shoes on. Good luck! Arno

Thanks for that Arno. you found me. outted me. oh the shame. google be damned. but let's be serious.

Now, there are only two really famous dorothy blacks (and one very strange little old lady).

Exhibit A
dorothy black (on the right) - hungarian porn star

Exhibit B
dorothy black - painter

Exhibit C
dorothy black - aging marsian

Strange as this might be to accept - i am none of these esteemed ladies. you heard me right arno. i know it sucks. i know you really wanted me to be the aging marsian, but here's the harsh truth of the matter... are you ready? can you handle it? are you sure? here goes....


now arno. ‘pseudonym’ is a word meaning ‘not my real name to avoid biscuits like yourself reading my work under my ‘real’ name and drawing the same hopelessly ridiculous conclusions about my person because of – and as they do for – my sex column’.

clever no?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I guess Arno isn't in Kansas anymore.

dorothy said...

ha! and he had such hopes

corrie206 said...

how fucking funny! hahaha, what a tool.

Anthony said...

Hi "Dorothy Black"... heard on 5fm that you joined datingbuzz... if I decided to join, would it be easy to find you, or would you use a different pseudonym? Anthony (36 year old Cape Town guy).

charl said...

I made the same mistake when I heard you on 5 fm.Googled dorothy black but i was relieved to find out you are a different person. Love your comments

Jonn said...

Dot sounds 1000 times hotter than any pornstar could ever dream of

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Anonymous said...

I happen to like your anonymity. I think we place too much emphasis on the face than on the (blog)space. What you say matters. Not the perception of who you are.

You could be a horny old toad with a penis and a receding hairline, for all I care to know, but that does not make your thoughts on period-sex any less valid.

(Ew, on period sex, btw..) ;-)

Have fun, take care, and happy happies to you over the festive season.