Monday, May 11

postsecret pic of the week and to all the mom's i've loved before

I just love this kid's face. i think she's crazy beautiful. and as for the sentiment, i've always thought that i'll probably only have a kid if i fall pregnant accidentally. it doesn't strike me as something i'd actually plan for. maybe its because i' i'm secretly petrified of motherhood. i've had four moms and the story goes something like this...

Wherein tragedy strikes and father must raise daughter alone in the wilderness

don't laugh. it's from a made for tv hallmark movie about a little girl who's mom dies and she hangs out with her dad until the perfect next mom comes along. it was on last night and i cried myself a little river. it was very cathartic. anyway, mom number two was like this:

Wherein the Evil Stepmother makes an appearance and is killed off
(not literally though, just for effect)

except not as pretty. this is susan sarandon from enchanted, which is just one of my most favourite movies. (i LOVE musicals and fairytales and tearjerkers and i LOVE DISNEY OK). then mom number three (a very close friend of mine now) and attendant bad marraige made everyone feel like this:

Wherein a new family is made and broken

and now?

Wherein the One True Next Mother is found and they all live happily ever after

(an aside, but seriously, what is wrong is hegel's hands? are they really that ogre-like or is it a trick of photography...will investigate...)

saying that, i've had countless women fulfill the mother role for me - my aunt and grandmother in particular, but then also teachers and family friends, church anties and boyfriends''s been quite a ride. it will be a book someday i think. but until then, happy belated mom's day moms. unlike valentines this is a hallmark day i fall for.


Sparky said...

if they could skip the diaper stage, and go straight to teenager, I reckon you'd do ok as a mom.

you'd be the idea teen mother, come to think of it.

Anonymous said...

Your father married FOUR times???