Wednesday, May 13

The Princess Diaries

Is this the 'quiet before the storm'? Dorothy Black wonders when it will start raining... men!

Dear Diary This weekend was just so awesome!! On Friday I hung out at the Meat Market on Derry for the singles party with 15 of my closest girlfriends. I met the most crazy AMAZING guys there diary and at least ten asked me for my number (Amber says I totally would've, like, gotten more if I'd worn my red Stephan Maddens) and although I liked most of them, I'm SO hoping that the banker guy (can't remember his name, it was just, like, SUCH a crazy party diary I can't remember when last I drank so many kirs!!) will call me....

So, that's what happened in the parallel universe this weekend.

In my universe, the weekend was far, far less adventurous. Far less juicy. In fact, in this part of the universe there is a veritable drought. The only juice in this universe at the moment comes from the cocoa bean and the Pinotage grape. Preferably enjoyed with people I've known for years, in settings that have non-existent dress codes. Read more...

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