Tuesday, May 12

say no to sex(PO) say angry bible people

so the sexpo is rolling around again. although i didn't go last year, i don't recall there being very many great reports of the event. words and phrases like 'dingy', 'boring' and 'a downright fucking rip-off' come to mind. i'll see for myself this year, when i make a little turn there on saturday.

folks who won't be making a little turn there, however, are the outraged members of the Christian Action Network who have dubbed the sexpo a 'celebration of lust and lewdness, adultery and perversion' according to the Times. They were so upset by this celebration that they defaced a billboard advertising this diabolical event.

Very balanced. Which is what you can expect from people that have said this:

The betrayal of this country into the hands of Marxist mass murderers has led to the paganisation of this once strongly Christian nation. Once babies were protected from abortion, all foul language, sex scenes and blasphemy were censored out of Hollywood films before they could be shown in our country, Sundays were honoured with no commercial activity or cinemas open, in honour of the Lord’s Day, schools started with Bible reading, hymn singing and prayer in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But, today, we have legalised gambling, legalised prostitution, legalised abortion, and now even legalised homosexual “marriages.”

Ahh, the world was perfect in those good ol' days of white supremism. At least they're ok with the whole freedom of expression thing when they get to protest and deface private property.

Luckily for them, president comrade Zuma, hates the gays as much as they do, knocking the little fuckers out whenever he gets the chance. So there is some silver lining around that big marxist cloud of mass murderers...the enemy of my enemy and all that...


kyknoord said...

Yeah, back in the good old days, the marxists were athiests, not pagans. So sad to see how far we've fallen.

Sparky said...

I'm curious how they figure our government is marxist. we still vote our leaders into government, which at the very least implies a democracy. we have economic ties with communist governments (who are trying to influence policy), but that's about it. maybe the current government would like more socialist systems applied to the government, but that can only be ratified by referendum by the people.

it really pisses me off when people use an epithet without understanding what it means. there's nothing wrong with socialism when it works (I mean its worked pretty well for Sweden and France so far), but we're all so indoctrinated by the "commie bastard" mentality of the cold war.

apologies about the rant.

dorothy said...

sparks - never apologise, never stand down, never surrender...(or something like that)

kyk - :)