Saturday, June 27

not about life

christ i hate adverts. well, actually, its a love/hate relationship.

i love them because SA ads are generally clever and funny and so LOCAL. and i hate them because they're so good at twisting life into misguided priorities.

between sleep, eat, work, sleep eat work sleepeatworksleepetwrk slpetwk, spetk for short then, i managed to catch just THE most fucked up advert. it's the new plascon ad (plascon is a paint company for all you not SA types).

check it out here

for those of you who don't want to bother with the download, this is the basic outline of the ad (thank you marketingweb).

Shot in Cape Town, the spot depicts the life of a young couple who have allowed themselves to neglect their relationship and their home. At night, while they sleep in front of the TV, their alter egos leave them and embark on an urban adventure that brings out their inner child. (let me just interject here and point how lovely this's so lovely i almost cried. but then again i cry at just about everything. i'm sentimental that way. they're just so happy out and about, rediscovering themselves, playing together, loving together away from the evil that is The Couch In Front Of The TV...BUT THEN...) Their ghostly selves encounter a window display on the way that has an uncanny resemblance to their apartment and demonstrates how a little paint and a little d├ęcor care can make all the difference to your life. (another interjection. here they MARVEL at the wall colour, looking LOVINGLY at the COUCH as if they're just remembered their real priorities...yes, yes, that 'outside over there' doing stuff together was fun while it lasted but LOOK, it's Shangr-La in baby-blue and coricraft feel. the 'alter egos' go back to their sleeping bodies with a clear plan. the guy wakes up first to find a COLOUR SAMPLE in his hands) The ad concludes with the simple question "Are you secretly yearning for change?"


i agree that a little colour to your walls can make the WORLD of difference to the likihood of a happy disposition.

but shit.

will our crappy lives, anemic personalities and strung-out relationships be better because of a coat of paint? actually. come to think about it, when it comes to what most everythings about lately, veneer IS about the sum of it.


Sparky said...

proof that that no matter how good the execution, it'll never cover up a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

I think the ad is pretty dull

dorothy said...

it is. dull and irritating (except for the lovely bit where they're paying and being happy and loving eachother *sniff*)