Monday, June 8

postsecret pics of the week

i never trust people that hanker for the days of yore 'when things were simpler'.

though, i'm sure they were. in one way...

your kitchen help sure never stole from you

daddy could go hunt a tiger skin for you without all the pesky bad publicity

if that bratty little poor kid in the cotton fields bothered you, you could just set him to work in daddy's mill

and then, of course, the industrial revolution, where we learnt how to rape and pillage the earth even quicker to make a buck

those sure were the good old days. i'm so glad they had nothing to do with the crap we find ourselves in today and weren't the first stepping stones on the path to our eventual and inevitable self-destruction.

and speaking of which. i watched the day the earth stood still circa 2008.

what i loved about it the most (barring kif nanobots and glowing sheres) was that jennifer connely is finally looking at least thirty! YAY! she's joined the rest of humanity on the aging thing. i mean, shit, she's looked 18 for, like, the last 50 years and it was uncanny and wierd and was starting to make feel uncomfortable with her pitch of being fully human.

sarah got lost in the labyrinth and came out a little...different

wierd. anyway. here's the second postsecret with a subtext i found interesting.

its odd. once you realise that the universe does not revolve around you and that shit happens and that its not personally aimed at you and that god doesn't actually hate you and that human rights are a social construct, it all becomes a little easier to swallow.


sparky said...

"the day the earth stood still" was, in the end, absolutely appalling though. another fine example of what I like to term "the keanu reeves school of acting". The original black and white is superior even in monochrome.

that said, I still want to do naughty things to jennifer connely with my tongue (or any other handy extremity).


dorothy said...

what was wrong with it?? it was fun! Keanu Reeves (krrr for short) is by no means an actor (and he was playing an alien) but the movie itself was fab! come on sparks you old silver screen snob you the orbs were coooooolllll

Sparky said...

I even preferred cloverfield over it (and you know my feelings about that drivel).

if you're going to do a disaster movie, call the bruckheimers. they've been finding new and interesting ways of destroying New York for years now (why is new york always the first to go? Independence Day, Armageddon, The day after tomorrow...NY is always the first to get the black double ended one up the posterior).

as for "Krrr", he hasn't done anything original since Bill and Ted. in fact, he's still playing the same role, only in different settings (defence exibit A - the jump scene in the matrix "whoa!" - *facepalms*)

no dear...the man is only barely sentient, and his inscrutable expression in the movie is no stretch of acting ability

dorothy said...

oh i agree i luuuuurve the brukenhoots, in fact, i would go so far as to say that armeggedon might actually be on my list of 200 favourite movies

as for why its always new york, i think you're mistaken. it's always MANHATTAN specifically and i believe that's because MANHATTAN is the centre of the universe around which the whole of the other revolves. it's science basically.

and as for krrrr. you're just jealous. you just wish you could make as much money for doing nothing. (krrr btw because one can say it with minimal movement of facial muscle, thus most approximating our hero's repertoire of facial movements)

Sparky said...

I watched "knowing", with nicholas cage.

good disaster movie. and guess what?
new york is first to go, yet again!