Wednesday, June 17




schadenfreude: n largely unanticipated delight in the suffering of another which is cognized as trivial and/or appropriate

although i love my car, i mostly love my scooter more in rush hour cape town traffic. because, seriously, capetonians can be fucking stupid. i mean look at the gridlock above. that might be shanghai but it could be buitengraght on a rainy day. the only difference between the shanghai image and any intersection in the city centre of the cape is that we have TRAFFIC LIGHTS.

moreover, instead of following the easy-to-understand colour codes of red, amber and green, that would prevent much rush-hour suffering, capetonians also seem incapable of deductive logic.

no space for car on the other side of the road + amber light = blocking way of traffic flow = gridlock

with my scooter i laugh in the face of this sort of retard behaviour. I thrill with delight as i work my way around the morons who have successfully gridlocked themselves.

morons. i love them. they make me smile.


sparky said...

while your scooter is a logical choice, and I cannot fault your thought process, I still love my car too much to be unfaithful

yes, she has her faults, but I still find her exquisite.

beaverboosh said...

i wouldn't say i love morons, but i do enjoy them, though I couldn't eat a whole one

Anonymous said...

have you got a cool helmet to go with your cool scooter?

dorothy said...

indeed i do nursemyra. it is a lovely flaming orange scrambler helmet. it makes me feel all of 15...
(BB - morons are better roasted. or so i have been told. i am vegetarian.)