Thursday, June 4

be gone foul boyle

Two years ago, a quiet, shy, not very well kept little man from bristol wowed audiences with an outstanding performance of a pitch-perfect nessun dorma on britian's got problems talent. paul potts. go here to see his first performance on that strange programme and i defy you not to cry a little river. he stole hearts, won the competition and cleaned up good.

we hate ugly people. so potts got a makeover.

but now there's boyle. or at least there was boyle. a nobody that had a unibrow and couldn't sing for shit, made famous cos we all need a success story every three years or so.

I'M A SUPERSTAR! oh. wait.

watch this now (after the paul potts thing) and tell me this whole boyle issue wasn't just a whole makeover wet dream wannabe for the producers - she's got nothing on potts. NOTHING.

personally i like success stories involving people that have some talent to begin with, whether it's a raw talent like being able to sing or play the stock exchange like a demon, or an acquired talent like eating 38 eggs in a row.

and when that success doesn't happen for people that deserve it, i'm all for breakdowns and general unhappiness.

however. we're been slavishly following boyle's breakdown because of a huge non-success, because she sucked and the world judged her for it. boohoo. go home. this meme is DONE with.

(but before we do away with it completely read chris mc's column on her here. funny.)

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