Tuesday, July 21

Beautiful strangers

Are one night stands all that? Sex columnist Dorothy Black wonders why she's not been getting the good stuff...

Let me just say right off the bat that I don't do one night stands. I do very, very short relationships maybe, but not one night stands.

On second thoughts, though, I guess that statement's a little misleading. It's not so much that I don't do them as it is that I'm just not very good at them. So I don't do them any more... Read more...

So the big ONS huh. Spoke to a relatively Someone Muso this weekend about his ample experience with ONSing.

After falling over a couch to get to where he was sitting (ruined any chance of looking supercool with that move) i plopped myself next to him to get some seriously authoritive insight into one night stands - free beer isn't the only advantage enjoyed by a Someone Muso. They generally have ample opportunity to enjoy sex with many nameless women.

The conversation went something like this (we were stupidly drunk btw...actually, no, i was drunk...)

me: so? you're a muso. you must have LOTS of one night stands.
him: i've had a few... but i don't do that anymore ... i have a girlfriend (note: my brain does not pick up on cue for end of, what is for me, the start of a drunken flirt)
me: reeeeaaally? how many?
him: ummmm, about 20
me: jesus. what's the worst one night stand you ever had?
him: well there was this one time where this girl kept passing out. she fell right in the middle of the road on the way to the car. so. that wasn't cool.
me: so why do you do it?
him: it feels cool. i get girls easily. i might not be very pretty, but it's easy.
me: oh dear. you're a jerk. kiss me.
him: umm. no. like i said i have a girlfriend now.
me: oh bother. jerk.

the end.

i have to work on my Picking Guys Up For Meaningless Sex routine...

(ps apart from treating me like a groupie - which i am, like, totally not at all OK - he wasn't really a jerk)


jason said...

your blog has no info about the writer.maybe we can hook up sometime.beegbeeg_beeeg@yahoo.com

dorothy said...

huh? i am the writer? this whole blog is a testament to me :)

DT said...

Why oh why is this scenario painfully familiar? Oh Gawd the things we do...only you definitely have way more guts than I !

dorothy said...


Anonymous said...

One night stands hold no fascination for me. Prefer to get to know someone first, less chance of regretting it later.

If someone is a great kisser then I love the anticipation of maybe fucking them next time. Anticipation is such a turn on

dorothy said...

NM - so true and yet, i'm not meeting men i'm truly interested in seeing a second or a third time

Sparky said...

it doesn't help that the city we reside in features 7 women to every man as a demographic. and half those men are of the more ...err... flambouyant persuasion.

the odds are strongly against you, dorothy.

Anonymous said...

become friends with your vibrator ;-)

dorothy said...

i am nursemyra. i am :)