Wednesday, July 1

cake or death

eddie izzard, that inimitable executive transvestite, does this super 'cake or death' routine in dress to kill.

gosh i love him. anyway. i was thinking about this today when i heard that zimbabwe is selling itself to the highest bidding economic coloniser, china. (do read that china link. speigel rocks hard.)

it seems that the red dragon is extending a $950-million credit line to this broken country. talk about selling your soul.

after fighting so hard for freedom from the white plague and then struggling to death under the dictatorship of a mad man that whittled this once great nation down to nothing, zimbabwe is now setting the stage for another battle for freedom – albeit only in twenty years when the people are fed and healthy and their children educated again and would like the rights to their land/infrastructure/resources back.

it seems like this is some twisted game of risk for the red dragon (though, if you already have asia, what do you do). except that instead of securing australasia as a base, it seems that africa is now the landmass of choice.

luckily for china this continent is so fucked up and the majority of the people so poor that when presented with the offer of cake or death, the choice is easily made.


Sparky said...

*two thumbs up for eddie izzard*

though I think you might be a bit alarmist about china's intentions.

dorothy said...


where do you think china's going to get its food and biofuels from?

what about the oil for arms issue in sudan?

this sort of game is nothing new for sure. the difference is that not since the brits colonised half the world have we had an economic power house that has the financial clout and unapologetic, unveiled self-interest to fuel this sort of neo-colonialism.

Sparky said...

china owns all of america's foreign debt, yet you don't see the chairman sitting in the white house, do you?

sure, they're not giving away the money for free, but they're not exactly raping the countries they're doing business with either. the countries they are doing business with, are better off than they were before.

would you prefer america were the ones doing the investing? because we can all see what was done in the middle east once american business interests were threatened on foreign sovereign soil. they "freed" the shit out of everyone.

fuck yeah.

beaverboosh said...

Hey, welcome to the new world, order! P.S. Happy 4th of July, the Americans may be the only ones to save you when the Chinese are marching on Capetown, but I wouldn't hold your breath!