Friday, July 17


oh my christ this is funny. i laughed so hard last night i couldn't breathe.

this chicken, valentina hasan, performs on bulgaria's idol show singing mariah carey's 'without you'. but the catch is, she doesn't know the words so she makes up the closest approximation of the words - hence, KEN LEEEEEEEE!!!

oh hilarity.

then she gets invited back (i can't imagine she actually got through) to perform what is her follow-up, spruced up version...

so much better, you can barely tell mariah from valentina!

mariah carey

Valentina Hasan

Valentina Hasan is so perfectly famous in that ADD way we all love our two-minute noodle stars to be these days. she's right up there with boyle and koekemoer.


Gorilla Bananas said...

That's what I call the 'Bride of Dracula' look.

dorothy said...


beaverboosh said...

vfunny... a bit like watching Borat!

Anonymous said...