Friday, July 10

Mugabe the Moron

i LOVE alliteration. like, monkey-brain mugabe, moronic mugabe, monstrous mugabe, maniacle, madhatter mugabe, syphilus-ridden, crazy-mutherfucker, retarded, spawn of Beelzebub Mugabe... oh wait, ok, that last one doesn't fit, but you get my meaning.

you tell 'em how it is bad bob

the king of crazies dropped some gems in his bid to lure investment back to zimbabwe.

"It's not every white farm which will be taken. Not necessarily," Mugabe said in reply to the leader of the predominantly-white Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) at a conference to lure investors.

"The responsibility of compensation rests on the shoulders of the British government and its allies," he said.

"We pay compensation for developments and improvements. That's our obligation and we have honoured that. Above all Zimbabwe upholds the sanctity of property rights.

"Sure there must be some compensation. Let's join hands and appeal to the British."

"The farmers have let themselves down," he said. "They have tended to side with the British."

but i shouldn't berate the esteemed leader of another country when we have our own Moron to laugh at - JULIUS MALEMA!

President Zuma's Mini-Me, Malema is the disgrace president of the ANC Youth League. born in 1981, (making him a whole 13 at the time of independence) malema is still fighting a struggle he never took part in and believes that he and his comrades (from kindergarten days?) must push forward with the revolution and hunt down and kill 'The Counterrevolutionaries'.

This is impressive as i never thought he could manage a word with more than three syllables. He's shot his mouth off more often than not. he is stupid. he says theatrical, retarded things like:

"If anybody threatens our democracy we don’t need anybody’s permission to act. Prosecution of Zuma is political. We are prepared to kill and die for forces of darkness who undermine the black majority or those who are opposed to progress." nice one. great attitude for a 'leader' in a new democracy.

He defended Zuma in the rape case saying that the girl who claimed rape hung around too long after she was "raped" - "Those who had a nice time will wait until the sun comes out, request breakfast and ask for taxi money. In the morning, that lady requested breakfast and taxi money." ergo she wasn't raped.

on the corruption case: “We can’t imagine the courts finding (Zuma) guilty because, if you arrest him, he will lead us from prison. We are not afraid to be led by a president in orange clothes. If you want to save yourselves the embarrassment you must drop the charges, because arresting him will not stop him from being the president.”

go here some of his most precious quotes. what a moron.

and my favourite - the nandos ad, he and 'his organisation' got into such a tiz about.


Sparky said...

I've always believed a good leader commands from the front, leading the charge.

if anyone is going to be doing any dying for a cause, let Malema put his money where his mouth is, and have him be the first.

dorothy said...

LOL brilliant - never thought of that! VIVA MALEMA VIVA

Sparky said...

yeah, let them name a road (or if he's lucky, a small airstrip) after him

cowardly loudmouthed jackass.

beaverboosh said...

omg, it sounds ALMOST as bad as living in America during the BUSH regime...

Oracle Snarky said...

He'd never die for a cause - he wouldn't recognise a cause if it kick-slapped him across the back of the head. He'd be lucky if they named a long-drop after him.

Love Love Love the Mini-Me picture. I'd buy the T-Shirt.

Anonymous said...

haha.... funny video