Friday, July 24



deadlines are over and we can all breathe a sign of relief once again. You'll be pleased to know that you can soon read my stuff in MH SA (hurrah!) and that i've landed a gig being a teen agony aunt.

weird but true.

as i promised in the thick of it all, more on one of the articles i was busy with....

Nigeria's film industry pipped the US to the second spot on the Top Movie Producing Countries in the World this year.

The rough numbers are: bollywood with 1 100 movies for 2006, nollywood with 870 movies and hollywood with about 480 or something.

when nigeria's oil industry went bust in the 1980s, money dried up for buying overseas films, and theatres quickly shut their doors. innovative cinematographers made a happy aquaintence with new technology – the handycam. And so was born nollywood.

stories for the people were produced by the gazzilions by the people, in record time frames and on shoestring budgets. no matter ham acting, trippy plots and awful quality, these easy-to-produce-en-masse gems have taken pulp fiction to a whole new level of cool. it's african pop culture bitch, so get a-learning to to get jiggy with it...

nigerian films have largely been shunned by african film festivals for not being 'artsy' enough, which is fair comment really, but another issue is that nollywood film makers film on digital - not on actual film... which is ironic really, considering that hollywood is moving to digital anyway.

then again, i'd hardly consider what comes out of tinseltown 'art'.

but back to nollywood. i organised my first nollywood screening with my mates about a month ago. B organised a list of nigerian recipes and everyone chose a dish to bring to the nollywood-themed potluck.

i had scoured the city stalls for a nigerian vendor that wasn't going to screw me off on disc price. most of the dvds are ripped and shouldn't be more than $1-2... most were trying to sell it for about $5-10...

this pick is actually from a radical esquire article that you can find here

eventually, i had to do the whole, listen mate, just cos i'm white doesn't mean i'm a fucking moron or a tourist or both, so stop fucking with me.

i ended up paying about $3. fair enough.

anyway. we get the gang together, settle down to our peanut stew and sweet potato and prepare ourselves for Slave to Lust.

urk. it was FUNNAY. there is just no other way to describe it. garbled english idioms, weird-ass story and bad, bad acting - not to mention fantastical editing - made for an evening of fun and amusement had by all... except for the part where she gets raped continuously and kept as a slave by her adopted father...

as i said, weird.

oao plums - a good weekend to you all.


beaverboosh said...

dear d, my girlfriend wants me to get a prince albert ring and says sh'll break up with me if i don't... i am a bit afraid of what my mom might say. what should i do?

dorothy said...

dear bb
prince albies are all the rage and apart from a few dribble issues should provide you and your love many hours of fun. stop sleeping with your mother and i'm sure she won't know you have one. (i also suggest breaking up with your gf - if she's using your dick for ultimatums now, can you imagine how its going to be in the future.)
much love,